Salı, Mayıs 01, 2007

I love you Bush!

This is an open letter to Mr. President. ****************************************** First of all I want to say my love to you. It is difficult to understand your sense of humor for ordinary people. Because you are not an ordinary, you are gifted. Even most mortal think about you as a dump, I know you are more clever than many of them. You are the most clever person I've ever seen in my life. Moreover even they criticise you as a dictator they don't know how they are in a big fault. They're not see and also forget that God gave a supernatal insight to you and so you work for the peace with all your soul. You sent us from god to spread peace for all over in the world,even all galaxy from Earth to Mars. You are not a dictator, you are democrat and also peacemaker. If we sleep our comfortable beds as a residents a kind of Islamic country, It is coming from you. Thanks for your all strives democracy bring in Middle East. I want to give my regardness to you for all things you made for Iraq,Afganistan,Sudan and many parts of world. God saves you. Love, Ezgi

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